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Why you need to be covered for these 3 dental procedures

While we’d all like to own the perfect set of pearly whites, between the coffee drinking and tea sipping, it can be hard to keep your teeth perfect… and that’s not to mention the effect that too many sugary beverages can have on teeth – both young and old.

We all know it’s good to develop sound practices when it comes to keeping your smile bright, frequent flossing and brushing and avoiding fizzy drinks helps, but it’s also worth having the right kind of safety net available if you require dental care.

Medicare provides limited benefits for approved surgical dental procedures, but it doesn’t cover most dental treatments and examinations, so you need to ensure dental services are included on your general treatment or extras cover.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare states that 2012/2013 expenditure on dental services in Australia was $8,706,000,000. The largest source of funding for dental procedures was individuals, paying directly out-of-pocket for 58.2% of total dental costs. Although you may have to cover gaps between what your fund will cover, it’s important to obtain the best value cover you can afford so you can minimise out of pocket expenses.

Some treatments are so expensive, you might just bite your tongue!

The Private Health Insurance Ombudsman provides some extensive data when it comes to our bright smiles.

A full crown with veneer costed an average of $1,441.01 across the country in 2014. The lowest price for this dental care was $1,404.10 in Western Australia, while treatment in the Northern Territory would set you back $1,584.63 if you had no cover whatsoever. An adhesive restoration (filling) on a posterior tooth covering four surfaces cost an average of $232.14, with the Northern Territory above the national average with a figure of $288.30. Following this, an adhesive restoration as above but on three surfaces will set you back approximately $209.31 on average without insurance.

If there is one lesson to be learned from the costs outlined above it’s to get yourself insured for unforeseen dental work. To compare Extras cover and learn more about comparing options for singles, couples or families, give Choosewell a call on 1300 421 154 or request a call back for a free health insurance comparison.

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