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Are Extras benefits really necessary?


While most of us are well aware of the importance of having hospital cover on our health insurance policy, when it comes to extras cover, also know as ancillary cover, the benefits are sometimes less obvious. Extras cover can add to the cost of your monthly premiums but if you should need or want to access ancillary services, without the right cover you may find yourself paying high out-of-pocket costs.

The type of extras benefits you’re likely to need will depend on your individual and family circumstances. The benefits offered within different health insurance policies can vary widely so it’s always a good idea to shop around and seek advice if necessary.

Here are three of the most popular extras benefits that you’ll find on offer from all the major health insurance providers.

Physiotherapy and natural therapies

While you might not feel you need it when you’re younger, unless you do a lot of sports, cover for physiotherapy treatment is worth thinking about as you get older. Physiotherapy and natural therapies are great for improving your bone strength and posture and for warding off a number of health issues so you can stay healthier and more active for longer.

Physiotherapy and natural therapies often include treatments like massage therapy and hydrotherapy, which can be crucial for recovering quickly after an injury or surgery.

Dental cover

Most people consider dental cover an essential form of extras cover that will be used by all the family. With the right coverage you can access reduced out-of-pocket costs or even free check ups and cleaning to help maintain good oral hygiene and prevent more serious dental problems.

Some treatment is very expensive and in the event that you do end up experiencing a major dental issue, the right cover can help you with your out-of-pocket costs significantly. You’ll need to consider dental cover if you have children who might need orthodontic treatment, and as you get older.

Gym memberships

A number of health funds are now offering subsidised gym memberships as part of a prescribed health management program –  to help their members take a proactive approach to improving their health. Regular exercise is beneficial at any age and if you’re keen to get more active, this is an option that’s worth looking into.

If you’re in the process of reviewing your health insurance, or you’re taking out cover for the first time make sure you think about what extras services are important to you and that your policy can provide adequate rebates when you claim. Having the right extras cover can help you stay healthy over the long term by making necessary health care more affordable – which may in turn prevent or reduce the severity of future health issues.

As you go through different life stages your health insurance needs are likely to change and this means you may need to regularly compare your extras cover on your private health insurance policy. If you want to be sure you’ve got the right level of extras cover for your needs, sperak to Choosewell today about having free health insurance comparison.

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