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Complaints and Dispute Resolution

At Choosewell we do our very best to meet the highest possible standards in our work. Notwithstanding this, there may be times where you feel there are issues that have not been resolved to your satisfaction.

To ensure our valued customers have the opportunity to address these complaints, we have a detailed Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedure which is available on request free of charge. This procedure means:

  1. There is a way to have your complaints addressed;
  2. Senior Management will be aware of the issue; and
  3. where possible, Choosewell will consider improving its procedures and services.


The following is a summary of Choosewell’s Complaint and Dispute Resolution Procedure.

1. Let us know as soon as possible if you have a concern. If you are already on the phone to us, please let the consultant know straight away. Alternatively you can :

  • Call one of our consultants on 03 9976 0850 or 1300 421 154
  • Email us at :
  • Write to us: Attn: Customer Complaints, Choosewell, PO Box 6793, Melbourne VIC 3004.

If the complaint does not relate to the service or advice provided by Choosewell but instead relates to the benefits or services provided by a health insurer, we will assist you to have your complaint heard and dealt with promptly by the health insurer.

2. If we cannot resolve your complaint immediately, your concerns will be passed to a Team Leader, who will make sure that we have all the information and discuss your concern with you within 5 days.

3. If the Team Leader is still unable to satisfactorily set things right, the matter will be referred to our Resolutions Manager who will independently investigate the complaint. You are able to speak to the Resolutions Manager at any time in the event that you are dissatisfied with the way your complaint is being handled.

4. Finally, you always have the option to refer the matter to the particular Health Insurance Fund (where relevant) or the Health Insurance Ombudsman who can be contacted on ph. 1300 362 072, by email or at

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