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What is Hospital Cover?


Hospital Cover

Hospital cover pays benefit towards the cost of hospitalisation. This can include:

  • Treatment by your doctor
  • Medicine used during your treatment
  • Accommodation costs
  • Theatre & Delivery Suite fees
  • Coronary & intensive care

How much can hospital admissions cost?

A ‘minor’ operation and short hospital admission may cost several thousand dollars. 1 out of every 3 hospitalisations can cost over $10,000. In rare cases, the cost of hospitalisation can be in excess of $200,000 depending on the treatment and the length of stay. Regardless of the cost, as long as you are covered for the procedure, your insurer will pay benefits towards your hospital accommodation and associated costs and contribute to most other charges accrued due to the procedure.

When you compare Hospital cover between private health funds, there are various combinations on offer. Full cover that includes accommodation and in-hospital medical charges obviously command higher premiums, but you can reduce your premiums by agreeing not to be fully covered for some conditions or taking out a higher excess, which is payable if you are admitted to hospital.

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What excess should I take out?

Unless you are expecting to be in hospital – for example, if you’re planning to have a baby you may want to take out cover with an excess because it might save you money in the long term. Similar excess charges are common and exist on both car and home insurance. In addition, some products offered through Choosewell will waive the excess charge when dependent children under 21 years old are admitted to hospital.

What about the Medicare Levy Surcharge and Lifetime Health Cover?

In any Hospital cover comparison, the most basic cover will often have several exclusions but will still meet the objective of avoiding or minimising the cost of the Medicare Levy Surcharge and Lifetime Health Cover. More comprehensive private Hospital cover is available from mid-range options while top cover provides complete peace of mind.

To enjoy access to private hospitals, avoid/minimise the cost of the Medicare Levy Surcharge and Lifetime Health Cover, you’ll need to take out mid to top cover with the insurer you choose.

Choosewell can help you understand and compare Hospital cover from a range of leading Australian health funds. To compare Hospital cover and learn more about comparing options for you or your family, call us on 1300 421 154 or request a call back below for a free health insurance comparison.

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