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Compare Dental Insurance Plans

Dental insurance can provide greater value for your health cover while also providing peace of mind. Most Extras policies include some form of dental coverage. When included in an Extras policy, comparing dental plans and choosing an appropriate arrangement can greatly reduce the burden on your budget with some funds offering up to 100% rebate on dental check-ups.

How often do I need to go to the dentist?

It’s recommended that a preventative visit every 6 months is the best way to maintain good oral health and reduce the likelihood of a major procedure. The average check-up costs around $200 and will generally include a clean, scale, fluoride treatment and basic x-rays. Taking out private health cover that includes dental insurance could greatly reduce the out-of-pocket cost of these visits.

What are the different levels of cover?

Predominantly there are 2 main types of dental cover included in Extras policies: General Dental and Major Dental.

General Dental includes check-ups and minor procedures that support those with good oral health. Removals, fillings and surgical removal of wisdom teeth are normally covered under General Dental.

Major Dental can include procedures like root canals, treatment of gum disease, crowns, dentures and bridges, and major restorative fillings, also known as veneers. Orthodontics, such as braces, are typically included in Major Dental coverage – definitely a good idea for families with children approaching their teens.

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Is dental coverage included in Hospital cover?

No, dental coverage is typically included as part of an Extras policy but there are differences between the levels of dental insurance within different Extras policies so be sure to compare dental plans to ensure you get the most suitable arrangement for your needs.

Benefits of comparing dental plans

It’s a fact of life that some people seem to need more dental work than others. Neglecting your oral health can be very costly both for your wallet and your overall wellbeing so take dental coverage seriously when you compare Extras policies.

Comparing Extras policies will allow you to understand the cost of the cover and a check-up minus the rebate between different funds. Depending on how often you visit the dentist and whether you require general or major dental work, you’ll be able to pick the best arrangement for you.

What does ‘No Gap’ mean?

The gap is not the space between your teeth but the gap between what your insurance covers and what a healthcare provider charges you, in this case the dentist. Some funds offer a 100% rebate on check-ups, making a typical visit completely free to you, while others have specific dental clinics where members get preferential fees compared to non-members. Depending on your dental health, this could be very beneficial for some.

Compare dental insurance plans online with Choosewell or call us on 1300 421 154 to discuss the most ideal dental insurance arrangement for your needs.

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