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What is Extras Cover?


Extras Cover

Extras cover provides protection for non-hospital health care services that are generally not covered by Medicare.

Primarily, these include: Dental, Optical, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Psychology, Speech therapy, Occupational therapy and Natural therapies.

If you don’t use any of these services, nor expect to use them in the future, then you may want to opt for Hospital cover only.

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Is Extras only cover, worth it?

Unless a family member or friend practices in one of the fields listed above and will treat you for free then Extras cover is probably going to be a worthwhile investment. The best Extras cover is one that provides value for money for the services you will actually use.

To maximise the benefits you receive, Choosewell can closely compare Extras cover and ensure the benefits offered by the provider correspond to the services you use – after all, you want the best Extras cover you can possibly get. Some insurers will be very generous at their preferred providers but only offer small rebates at other providers. Others will offer a consistent percentage based on your level of cover, e.g. 50% for mid-range level cover and up to 80% for top-tier cover. However, there can be a lot of conditions.

What about Hospital cover?

Many people who buy Hospital cover also add Extras. Some funds offer these as separate products, others bundle Hospital and Extras cover into a single, combined cover. If the products are separate then you may be able to take Hospital cover with one fund and Extras with another, which could save you money. Peace of mind can be cost effective!

To compare Extras cover and learn more about comparing options for you or your family, call us on 1300 421 154 or request a call back below for a free health insurance comparison.

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